Blue flag raising – Svežanj Bay

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10 Oct

Blue flag raising – Svežanj Bay

Kostrena Municipality Tourist Board has been active in implementing the Blue Flag program for more than ten years. We attended many seminars on the requirements the beaches have to meet in order to obtain the Blue Flag and we encouraged the creation of such requirements on the beaches of the Kostrena.

We are delighted that joint efforts resulted in the acquisition of the Blue Flag, with which our Svežanj Bay proudly boasts since 2008, and this continuity, fortunately, has only been briefly interrupted.
When the beach has the Blue Flag, it means that it meets a whole set of strictly defined internationally recognized criteria, so it is no surprise that our guests find it often one of the criteria for choosing Kostrena as a desirable destination.

The fact that the beaches of Kostrena are becoming more and more beautiful every year really makes us happy and we are striving to obtain another Blue Flag very soon, as it will raise the quality of the tourist offer and the satisfaction of our guests. We thank you for the successful cooperation of the Municipality of Kostrena, Our Beautiful Association /Lijepa naša) and our rescue workers necessary for the safety of the beaches.

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