Kostrena Location

KOSTRENA LOCATION (45°18'36,46"N /14°29'33,85" E)

Kostrena is a part of the Croatian seaside and is situated inside the Martinšćica Cove, Rijeka Bay, Sušak Inlet (Sušačka draga), Bakar Bay and Bakar Door (Bakarska vrata). The larger part of Kostrena Municipality territory is situated to the South oriented slopes with mild decline, which gradually descend from the mountain-ridge of Kostrena peninsula toward the sea shore. Its highest summits are Solin which is 242 meters above sea level, and Humčina which is 280 meters above sea level. Smaller terraces (Žuknica) exposed to the sun are situated on those slopes. A part of Kostrena peninsula is also made of quite steep, partly rocky, slopes exposed to the North and West which suddenly descend into Martinšćica valley, Draga and Bakarski bay.

The coastline and Kostrena peninsula are built of lime-stone, while valleys are made of red soil good for the Mediterranean crops. Lime-stone landings are situated underneath woods, thicket or grass.

The Kostrena climate is mild, Mediterranean, with many sunny days and 4 to 5 months a year suitable for swimming, while the sea water is of very high quality. The north wind – gale brings nice weather, although its force can sometimes cause damage, while the humidity and “hard” weather are brought in by the south wind (scirocco).

Among other species, Kostrena flora consists of orchids (slippers), yellow saffron and a several hundred year old oak-trees.
The Kostrena underwater world is rich in variety of flora and fauna species some of which are protected so plans to establish an Underwater Park are underway.

Kostrena Municipality is the youngest municipality in "Primorsko-Goranska" County. On its west side it is situated close to Rijeka City, while on the eastern side it boarders with the Town of Bakar. Together with the other municipalities and towns in its vicinity it constitutes Rijeka Ring (Riječki prsten).