02 Dec


Days of the municipality of Kostrena

Days of the municipality of Kostrena take place in December, when the city of Kostrena celebrates the holidays of its patrons - St. Barbara, St. Nicholas and St. Lucy. During those days, Kostrena offers various cultural and sports events.

07 Sep


Autumn in Kostrena

The traditional cultural event that takes place in the period from September to November. Thanks to the rich program, everyone can find something for himself because the program includes theatre plays, concerts and exhibitions.

19 Jul



KOSTRENA NIGHT, cultural and entertainment event

Every year, this event fills the cove Žurkovo with numerous visitors who can view the exhibition of art works, unique jewellery and souvenirs, enjoy food, drink, dance and music thanks to the excellent atmosphere provided by the most popular domestic ...

01 Jun


WELCOMING THE SUMMER sports and entertainment event

The event is held every year on the eve of the official start of summer, featuring the Swimming Marathon that gathers the contestants from both Croatia and the neighbouring countries, as well as the Art Colony that brings together each ...