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Diving centar Kostrena

Diving Center Kostrena is situated next to the seaside promenade known for its numerous beautiful beaches. Mediterranean climate, crystal clear sea with exceptional temperatures around 12° C in winter and around 24° C in summer enabling you thus to plan your needs all year round. The great advantage of our center is exceptional access to the sea. The distance between the parking lot for cars and seashore is only twenty meters. The undersea offers diving courses for all categories. The area has been protected since 1962 and therefore flora and fauna represent a special experience. In addition to these benefits of our nature, we are proud of the configuration that has delighted many divers throughout the world. It's our "wall". The interesting thing about the wall is that the sea bottom configuration falls suddenly and vertically from 12 m to 35-40m. An unforgettable experience.


Address: Rožići 1 51221 Kostrena Primorsko-Goranska, Croatia

Phone: +385 51 287 463, Fax: +385 51 287 463, Mob:+385 98 981 8062

Web: http://www.dckostrena.hr/  E-mail: info@dckostrena.hr

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Sailing Club Galeb

Throughout its history, Galeb's members were at high positions in sailing bodies of the former Yugoslavia and Croatia, as well as the international organization IYRU, today ISAF, while many Galeb referees have passed and are passing their judgements at domestic and international regattas. During its rich history, Galeb's competitors have participated in as many as 5 Olympics, at more than 40 European and World Championships where they have won 14 medals and more than 40 medals at national championships. J.K. Galeb was founded in Sušak on November 19, 1933, as one of the first sailing clubs in the Adriatic, whose headquarters were situated in the hotel Jadran on Sušak, and mooring in Martinšćica. After the opening of the first sailing season on May 31, 1934, the Board set as its main goals the strengthening of the club in sports sense.


Address: Uvala Žurkovo 2/3 51221 Kostrena Primorsko-Goranska, Croatia

Phone: +38551400 308, Fax: +38551400 308,

Web: http://www.jkgaleb.hr/  E-mail: jedrilicarski.klub.galeb@ri.t-com.hr

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Undersea Activities Club Kostrena

Underwater Activities Club Kostrena is situated in Kostrena, on one of the most beautiful coastal areas near Rijeka. It is situated right next to the promenade known for its numerous pebble and rocky beaches, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation. Rich and interesting Kvarner area beneath the sea, mild Mediterranean climate, crystal clear sea with water temperature from 9° to 12° C in winter and up to 25° C in summer represent one more reason for your visit, which you can plan all year round and we invite you to experience all the beauties of the world of silence under professional guidance of our instructors and diving guides. The diving club is equipped with two compressors, capacity of 800 l/min, an air bank of 120,000 l, 20 sets of diving equipment, the DAN O2 first aid kit and a mixture preparation panel.


Address: Rožići 3 51221 Kostrena Primorsko goranska, Croatia

Phone: +385 51 289 175, Mob:+385 91 151 6492

Web: http://www.kpa-kostrena.hr  E-mail: kpa-kostrena@kpa-kostrena.hr

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Football Club "POMORAC" 1921

NK Pomorac 1921 is a 96 years old heir to football and sport in Kostrena and a traditional place for socializing. Emphasis has been put on the development and quality of football school in order to provide opportunity to the younger generations of athletes, enabling them to defend, in near future, the club colors by playing in the first team. Through the sports and educative process, young athletes gain a lot of positive outcomes to become quality young persons in future.


Address: Žuknica 7, 51221 Kostrena Primorsko Goranska, Croatia

Phone: +385 51 500 381,

Web: http://nkpomorac1921.hr/  E-mail: pomorac1921@gmail.com

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